10 things about me – are you sure you wan’t to know?

So after I commented on Simone‘s blog post (who by the way is a wonderful person!) she told me to write my own 10 things. Or as I said “You really don’t want to know 10 things about me, it will creep you out!”.

It might not, but there are things about me that not many people know – but I’ll share some of. Here are my 10 things: Continue reading “10 things about me – are you sure you wan’t to know?”

You don’t always have to go far to find the beauty!

Summer in Norway is amazing, if the weather is good.

Today we went on a small trip to the neighbour county. Continue reading “You don’t always have to go far to find the beauty!”

I am good enough.

For a lot of people struggling with anxiety, there is the constant dark cloud of not being good enough and talking down on ourselves. I was and sometimes still am one of those people.

My psychologist gave me one task almost a year ago, the task made me feel like I was in the first grade again – but it worked!

It was called:

I am good enough – book. Continue reading “I am good enough.”

Daily Prompt: Carousel

Life is like a carousel, not like a train like people try to convince us of! But a carousel.

It’s not one of those nice ones with ponies going up and down, round and round. With calm, pretty music and gorgeous lights  – no it’s not a merry go round. I have always been fascinated by merry go rounds and how pretty they look, even the old and well used ones bring a sentimental feeling for me. Continue reading “Daily Prompt: Carousel”

The commuter struggles.

For the past four weeks, I have been officially qualified as a commuter.

I get up in the morning, sit on a bus for 1,5 hours – go to work – sit on a bus for 1,5 hours and I return home.

There are few things that have fascinated, let me rephrase that for you, annoyed me with this. So why not share! Continue reading “The commuter struggles.”

The fear of the fear it self is worse than the actual fear.

I never believed that anything was actually wrong with me. I thought what I was experiencing was normal.

It wasn’t. One day – I was handed a major panic attack.

It turns out that most of my life I have been walking around with some sort of anxiety and panic attacks. I have been sucked into it for so long, that I didn’t know anything else. This was my normal.

I did not have the famous waves that everyone speaks of, I was always on the top – until I fell down. And so it was. There was no warnings, just the bang and a drop at some point.

Continue reading “The fear of the fear it self is worse than the actual fear.”

Wedding planning: The Venue!

Hi I am Maggie, I would like to welcome you onboard this crazy bus going to “Let’s get married!”. Today our stop will be “Venues”.

If you are wondering what other “tour sites” you might have missed the stops we previously have made are the following: Date and Money! Continue reading “Wedding planning: The Venue!”

Don’t do it at home, you’ll end up going to the hairdresser anyways!

This year I’m turning 30, so with that being said. There are things in life that we only learn by doing. And I think it might be time to share the lessons in life that I find valuable.

Disclaimer: Please also keep in mind that I’m NOT judging anyone who does this, but it’s from my experience and what I have learned from others!

I have to be honest about one thing: I don’t hate my hair – I don’t love my hair. So to put it like this – I’m not very attached to my hair. I can cut it and colour it – I don’t mind. Continue reading “Don’t do it at home, you’ll end up going to the hairdresser anyways!”

Wedding planning: Let’s talk money – aka the budget!

Let’s talk money!

One of the least fun things about getting married is the money going out!
No matter how much you try to not have expenses, there will always be some – unless someone else is paying (but in that case you most likely will have a budget!).
(To put it mildly, this is what employed engaged looks like and what unemployed engaged looks like!)

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