Will that change it all?

I never had much ambition of becoming anything in life, but I have had dreams. Dreams of being able to just write what is in my head, but I am scared it won't be any good. So it isn't deserving of seeing the daylight. Writing is a sort of therapy sometimes, just scribbling down on … Continue reading Will that change it all?


2017 in review.

Considering I have been a rubbish blogger for the past year (it happens every year and why I haven't given up on it - I'm not sure!). So I'll do the same as last year and just try to sum up 2017 like I did 2016. I found a bunch of questions here and decided … Continue reading 2017 in review.

Learning the Fundamentals: Who I am and why I’m here?

That's honestly not an easy question to answer - I can't really remember how I ended up at WordPress, but I guess I missed writing and sharing what ever is on my mind. As for who I am that should be an easier question, but it's not. It's so complicated that I'm not sure where … Continue reading Learning the Fundamentals: Who I am and why I’m here?

The feeling of everything and nothing. 

Life is good, when life is good. But when it isn't it hurts in weird places. Heavy feeling in the chest, unable to breathe. The brain wandering of to places it might have been before, wishes it was or have never seen. I'm here, but I am not. The feeling of being overwhelmed and empty … Continue reading The feeling of everything and nothing. 

Sharing is caring they told me!

Privacy and over sharing, are maybe the least talked about things when it comes to blogging and YouTube. I stroll (Yes, stroll - not troll, thank you very much!) the internet for blogs and videos. And I notice that a lot of people share loads of their daily life. Some even have kids. And they … Continue reading Sharing is caring they told me!

Finding Headspace.

I'm a rather open-minded skeptical person. But on my journey to deal with my anxiety I have been put in situations where I have had to try new things and approaches. Trying to find the right perspective during panic attacks/anxiety seizures.  My psychologist recommended an app called mindfulness. Just so I might find a way … Continue reading Finding Headspace.