Hello World!

When I woke up yesterday morning, it felt like any other given morning.

Little did I know that when I would walk out from my psychologist appointment it would be the last time.
Today we agreed that I am doing fine, or better than fine – I am doing great.

I know there will be bumps in the road a head, but I am now fully equipped to manage them. To keep up the progress and be happy with life.

I didn’t think that it would take a year when I walked in there last summer. I thought it would take 40 years and nothing would fix me.

I was wrong, I fixed me. Life and I fixed me. I can now see the positive things even when the sky is grey. 

We had a good talk and she said she would miss having me there, mainly because we have laughed a lot. I think that helped me as well.

I know how to deal with the bad downs that anxiety can throw my way. 

The only thing I regret is not doing anything about it earlier. If I had known this is what life is like for people without anxiety, I would have done it a lot sooner. But again I thought it was all normal, it was my normal. So when adjusting to my new normal, I’m enjoying what is right here and right now.

So I guess all I wanted to say was that sometimes we all need some help and it’s ok to ask for it. And it’s okay to not be a 100% always. There are good days and bad days for everyone, just don’t carry it all on your own. And don’t be a shamed of having to ask for help!

Cheers to good mental health!


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