Sharing is caring they told me!

Privacy and over sharing, are maybe the least talked about things when it comes to blogging and YouTube.

I stroll (Yes, stroll – not troll, thank you very much!) the internet for blogs and videos. And I notice that a lot of people share loads of their daily life. Some even have kids. And they share every single moment of their lives with the world. And are left with little of privacy when in public space, people will take their picture and just walk up to them or just stare.

For me keeping certain things in my life private is important. As my family and friends aren’t necessarily aware of my “internet life”. I don’t feel like it’s something I am ashamed of, it’s just that they might not understand. And also the fact that they have not asked or been asked for that matter, to be “public figures”.

Since I am getting married I have had some thought about how much and little I’m interested, can and will share with the public. There is also the aspect of things I share online, that I don’t share with those close to me (family, friends, etc.).

So in a way I am halfway an anonym blogger, that want's to share.

People of course feel different about this, and they are entitled to this.

I’m pretty sure that if I was stopped on the street by a “fan” (this is a non existing thing for me, but this is after all just an example), I know that my future husband would feel very uncomfortable. And honestly I think I would too.

I guess that is what’s in the back of my head when seeing someone famous/well-known on the street. I most likely will not grab for my phone, nor will I bug them. I will acknowledge in my head that they are there and save the moment in my own head and memory.

If I had kid, I most likely would not share anything about their existence other than “mother of xxx” or “the baby is here”. For those of you have kids and blog or vlog, please do not get offended by this as it is purely my own opinion. What you make your choices with regards to your kids. But I would feel bad not giving them the privacy to be them and not share every single moment of their lives with unknown people. After all we all know that what goes online, stays online.

And I truly belive that until a kid is old enough to give their consent to “Yes parent, I am ok with you sharing these parts of MY life” they should be spared.

It might sound weird as I don’t have kids myself, but I wouldn’t want anyone stopping me on the streets asking or telling me things from my childhood that I would find embarrassing.

And also, Dear well-known bloggers/YouTubers. I truly feel for you, I honestly do. So I will lett you go about with your life unless it’s a planned event. You will not have to worry about me talking to you, taking your picture or anything like that. You deserve your privacy too!

But back to me (selfish much?) What is the limit for to little and to much when it comes to sharing? How does one find the perfect balance? Is there such a thing as perfect balance?

What’s your opinion and how do you solve the sharing – not sharing and privacy matter? 


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