Finding Headspace.

I’m a rather open-minded skeptical person. But on my journey to deal with my anxiety I have been put in situations where I have had to try new things and approaches. Trying to find the right perspective during panic attacks/anxiety seizures. 

My psychologist recommended an app called mindfulness. Just so I might find a way to breathe(Yes, I have some issued breathing!) and relax(Yep, with this too).

The app was probably OK or good, what do I know, but I got so pissed of by the lady talking that I had to stop. There was nothing calming about the lady’s voice at all!

But I did find one that did work for me. It’s called Headspace. And looks like this (Yes, I need to clear up my mailbox!).

In the review section there are a lot of comments about getting rich on something that has been free for 100 years, etc. I don’t care much about that, I care about the fact that it works for me. I care about the calm the mans voice gives me.

I care about the end result!

I can actually by the use of this app, fin the headspace and calm I need even when being on a busy commuter bus. Where there are tons and tons of sounds and distractions.

The app has a lot of free stuff so you get to try it and it allows you to make an opinion before spending money on it.

And just to be clear – I was NOT paid to write this! But I always like to share things that help me on my journey!

The app has been a type of game changer for me. If I feel a bit overwhelmed I plug in my earphones, sit down and listen. I only wish I had remember this when I had a crap day a few days ago.

It’s important to allow for timeouts when things are a bit rough, just to get a different perspective. 

It’s pretty much the same as meditation, but if you have an active brain like mine, we might need the help to make it work. So why not give it a go, to see if it does something for you.

And remember to give yourself a pat on the back for being if you have done something great, even if it was only to get out of bed this morning!


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