The love of pens and paper.

I love to write. 

I love to write with a pen on paper.

I love pens, not all pens.

I love pens that flow easily over the paper. I prefer ball pens over point pens. And I’m not a big fan of clicker pens, as other (or me!) will have frequent clicking when the pen is not in use. 

My current pen favorites are:

A commercial pen, the weight is perfect and it glides nicely over the paper. The only drawback is that since this is a commercial pen and I have no idea where to get a new one.

A few Pilot Frixion ball pens, this one is a handy one as you can erase what you wrote with the tiny rubber thing on the end(it’s like magic I tell you, magic!). Flows nicely over the paper and comes in a variety of colours. I prefer regular black or blue. The weight of the pen is surprisingly lightweight even if it looks bulky, you get a good grip on it as well. Good flow over the paper and dries quick.

I love notebooks.

I am very particular about my notebooks and I have specific criteria for a notebook to be qualifier as good in my eyes.

I need them to be soft and look nice. I don’t like stiff notebook as they can’t be bent. And they become more heavy, just by being stiff (hardback).

Lines or unlined?

Unlined are my prefered ones, without knowing exactly why. I can do line, but I’m not a big fan of staying within the lines. I also find it hard to doodle and draw (even if that is more rare than common in my world!) when there are lines, they feel kind of disturbing to be honest.

I haven’t tried dotted grid (aka the ones that are perfect for bullet journals), but I would like to try just for writing short notes and planning.

Lined works, I can do lines, I don’t enjoy lines as much. Currently most of my notebooks comes lined. So I have yet to find notebook-peace.

The paper quality is a big thing for me. I enjoy thicker paper and is my prefered choice. It prevents pen bleedings and shine through from the previous page.

Got any recommendations?

I’m not that hard to please (I hope) when it comes to pens and notebooks. So if you know of any good pens and notebooks, preferable with international shipping and not to expensive.  Feel free to let me know.


7 thoughts on “The love of pens and paper.

  1. Nowadays I prefer recycled paper books which are quite thick and have some kind of aesthetic value to it too. I love writing on paper too. But I have lost touch of writing notes and such so I compensate by writing on the smart boards nowadays while I teach. I don’t like to teach using PPT’s. I much prefer explaining using my own hand written diagrams and words.

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    1. I think I had some plan of a long reply, but the wine took over my brain.

      I have OCD over pens, paper and notebooks. I think it might have something to do with the touch-feel process.


      1. I still need to have some physical books in my life, not just ebooks. As I sometimes need something to hold on to. The kindle is great, it’s just not great in anxiety moments when I need something to hold on to.


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