The Bus(y) life of the commuter!

Since I spend 1,5 hours x 2 on a bus each day it allows me to think (and eat sandwiches that I had to make the night before!).

On the bus you have different people:

1. The regulars; commuters unite!

2. The occasional ones; I know where I’m going, I have travelled before.

3. The lost ones; Where is my stop? What button do I push?

You get to observe people, sceneries and things.



I almost felt like I went to the zoo that day!

The people:

Well I won’t post pictures of strangers for no reason, but they come in all shapes and sizes.

Some of them are kind and leave you alone, basically they are there for the ride to get from a to b. Others might actually annoy the living shit out of you.


Well, they bring food that smells, make noises, watch movies without headsets, sing and talk loud!

I am surprised I am still alive!

We also have the bus drivers, some are fast and keep the schedule. Others are slow and check every ticket like a crazy person, and don’t manage to keep the schedule.

Yes, I know there is traffic – but don’t que up behind the other cars when there is a line specifically for the purpose of busses and taxis. (Thank you!)

So now that I have that out of my system, how’s your day been?


7 thoughts on “The Bus(y) life of the commuter!

  1. While taking the tube to work, I used to sit and watch people around. Over time it felt boring because no one did anything interesting. They are either sleeping or watching videos on their phones to catch up on their episodes, reading newspaper or listening to music. And when it is crowded, you have to concentrate on breathing. So nowadays, I plug on my earphone and listen to some music (if I feel like it) or continue reading my book on my Kindle. Every now and then I look up and take note of what’s going on. Sadly nothing interesting has happened in a long time 😉

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