The commuter struggles.

For the past four weeks, I have been officially qualified as a commuter.

I get up in the morning, sit on a bus for 1,5 hours – go to work – sit on a bus for 1,5 hours and I return home.

There are few things that have fascinated, let me rephrase that for you, annoyed me with this. So why not share!

  1. The people who always need to be first on the bus, are also the ones who arrive last and with no exception has the need to be the one to wave the bus in to the stop! (Okay, so there is just this ONE lady – every morning if I take the later bus! But still!)
  2. People working on the bus, well it’s not the working part that is bothering me – it’s the “I’ll just let my SAP-pings annoy the shit out of you!”, never heard an SAP-ping before? Here is one think of the Facebook “ping” – make it worse “ding! ding! ding! ding! DING!”. – I wanted to tell him how to turn of the sound without muting the entire computer.
  3. Earplugs know karma too!
  4. It’s usually the same people on the bus every morning, but no one talks toeach other and don’t you try sitting in their seat, they will not say anything but they will give you the stink eye!
  5. The clock on the bus is never right, it’s always hours a head!
  6. Earplugs that I bought due to reason 3 also went on a karma mission! (But this time I was prepared, I bought two pairs! Hah!)
  7. I got probably get an extra job as earplug-tester.

6 thoughts on “The commuter struggles.

    1. Well, it might not stop. But than again. WHY?!?!?
      It’s not to bad of a commute as long as my earplugs function correctly! And it’s a nice job, great people – so I’m hanging in there with the commute. And it would be far worse to drive myself – 1,5 hours in a car, stuck in traffic and more annoying things 😉

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      1. Oh, I’m too familiar with car traffic and it is definitely 10 times more stressful! So you’re absolutely right:) On the bus, you can disconnect for a bit. It is not recommended to do that while driving lol

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