Daily Prompt: Carousel

Life is like a carousel, not like a train like people try to convince us of! But a carousel.

It’s not one of those nice ones with ponies going up and down, round and round. With calm, pretty music and gorgeous lights  – no it’s not a merry go round. I have always been fascinated by merry go rounds and how pretty they look, even the old and well used ones bring a sentimental feeling for me.

Life is more of a roller-coaster, a roller-coaster where you have no idea how fast or slow things will go. What’s around the next bend? When it will go up and down, sometimes even sideways.

And all we can do is to hold on as best as we can and get through it. Because when the roller-coaster ride is over, we get to go on the merry go round. We then get to enjoy the good things in life, just to sit back and feel the ponies bobbing up and down, soft breeze on our face and smile.

Maybe it was all worth it, to enjoy the calmness of the merry go round. 


via Daily Prompt: Carousel


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