Wedding planning: The Venue!

Hi I am Maggie, I would like to welcome you onboard this crazy bus going to “Let’s get married!”. Today our stop will be “Venues”.

If you are wondering what other “tour sites” you might have missed the stops we previously have made are the following: Date and Money!

When it comes to venues there are a lot of options, for us – there weren’t that many (we don’t live in a big city).

We went through the same things as everyone else “Where? Eloping?”.

Eloping still means that you need a venue of some sort, so you still have to plan.

And no matter the headcount you still most likely need a venue either for the dinner, dinner reception or just to grab a drink with the few people who attended afterwards – if you don’t want to do that, fine by me.

Things to consider when finding the venue.

  • Local?

Do you wish to do it in your backyard? Or a friends/family’s backyard? Is there a venue nearby that you love, aka museum, public spot. Get in touch ASAP to see if you can book it.

  • Eloping?

Ceremony, local or embassy? What are the rules and regulations? And you still probably want to do something after the ceremony, get in touch with local restaurants, hotels etc. And ask if they can accommodate your “party”.

  • Headcount?

No matter the headcount – that being 4 or 300, you need to make sure that the venue you choose has enough space for all the people. Seating, tables, forks, knifes, plates and whatnots.

Please remember that if there are restrictions/limits of people who you are able to have in one room/location there is a reason for it.

  • All in one place?

Do you want to have the ceremony and the reception at the same place. Make sure that this is an option when getting in touch with the venue.

  • Distance from city hall, church, etc?

Is it an hour, 30 minutes or just a short walk?

If you are lucky and have people to help you out with cooking, serving and tending the bar. You might be able to save a lot of money by just renting a venue that allows you to bring your own food and drink. Just make sure that the regulations for alcohol are in place.

What to choose? 

Remember that it’s your day and how you want it is important, but also take under consideration the above. Pick up the phone and make calls, visit the venues before you decide. As friends and family if they know of any good places.

Make a list, just to see what options you have. And ask questions like how soon they need to know if want the venue, is there any deposit fees, head count, can you bring your own alcohol (if it’s not a hotel, etc.), are there any special forms that need to be filled out and sent places, are there any specific caterers, etc they work with/recommend, etc. Do they decorate for you or is this something you have to do on your own?

But the most important “What can they provide/What is included?

Are you doing it in your own/family’s backyard/? Do you need a tent, caterer, etc? The list here as well is long. Again, pick up your phone and make calls to caterers, companies that rents out chairs and tables, tents and what ever you feel you need to make it the best thing ever in your own backyard!

There are a lot of things to take under consideration.

How did we solve it?

We choose to get married in our local church, since I am a member that is a non-expense unless we wish to decorate the church. (I won’t I like it just the way it is!)

The reception/dinner party will be held 30 minutes away. As this place has rooms for guests who wish to spend the night, catering and enough space.

Since we don’t have anyone to help us out, we actually needed a place or at least a caterer that accommodates all our needs with regards to people serving, cutlery, table cloths and the main basic things.

They had several options from a barn to indoors. (I’m even pretty sure that if you asked nice they would help you to set it up outdoors as well!)

The venue has also accommodated to have the actual ceremony performed there – you might have to hire a priest or someone who covers the ceremonial part for that, but still it is actually an option. There is also another church nearby, but I choose the one I was baptised and confirmed in – as it has a meaning to me. If I that wasn’t the case, I would probably have chosen the one closer to the venue.

But I will admit that the local silver mines where in my thoughts when looking at venues, the only problem I could find was that when you go in you are in and you don’t get to leave until the transport (aka train) is heading out again. “I’m just going out for some air” – just wouldn’t work.

And trust me, I have been through “let’s just get pizza’s and have them in our backyard”, “let’s elope” and a lot of other “let’s …” options.

Was this helpful? 

How would I know? I had to figure out everything on my own – so maybe it actually did help you!

(PS: The Featured Image is actually from the location we have chosen!)


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