The truth about being engaged!

Now let me tell you the truth about how it does make me feel. I will admit it, I really did want to get engaged. 

But when I got there I was so high on it – that soon turned into “What the fuck did I agree to!“. 

And do you know what? I actually think this is a normal feeling.

That’s why I was in such a hurry to get the date set – at least then I couldn’t run away from planning forever. And once the date was set, I could get started with the big things.

Even if the big things are in place (church, venue, photographer, etc.) I still have moments of “I do not want to think about this!!!!” and moments of “Holy shit what am I doing, this is going to be a horrible event“.

When I have my “Holy shit” moments I try to vent to my fiance about it – he usually gets me back on the ground, telling me things like “It will be how we want it, it’s our day and we are the ones paying for it!”. He is right, but again he doesn’t have anyone telling him this and that about everything either – I do! But I am trying to not give a shit about everyone’s opinions all the time. It’s not their wedding!!!

I am doing the best I can to stay sane. But I do seriously worry that people will think it sucks and they will be bored at my wedding! Is that actually possible?!?



9 thoughts on “The truth about being engaged!

  1. I feel like I went through hell planning my wedding because of everyone else’s 2 cents. My husband and I also paid for our wedding so we made sure to do what would make us both feel at peace with it all. Also, you and your future husband should be the ones to enjoy your wedding. If you start to plan for everyone else to have fun, you will be the one least likely to enjoy it all.

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    1. So basically what you are saying is that this is normal? 😀
      I don’t know why we are investing so much into one day in our lives.

      I can promise you this, there will be no DJ or band! We don’t dance and as far as I know neither to any one else who will be invited. I’ll do the wedding dance, but that’s about it too!

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      1. Unfortunately, it’s very common. You have the advantage that you’re paying it yourselves because once someone pitches in, they feel like more of a right to have their say so.
        We didn’t have a DJ or band either:) And we had a fabulous time!

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      2. I don’t get why they think they’re opinion will be taken in to consideration?
        My anxiety is giving me a bit of a run for my money on a lot of things, and we aren’t getting married until 2019!
        So I’m honestly trying to not give a f!

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