Wedding planning: Let’s talk money – aka the budget!

Let’s talk money!

One of the least fun things about getting married is the money going out!
No matter how much you try to not have expenses, there will always be some – unless someone else is paying (but in that case you most likely will have a budget!).
(To put it mildly, this is what employed engaged looks like and what unemployed engaged looks like!)

But I have unlimited resources you say!

Some how I don’t belive you, but fine – let’s pretend you have unlimited resources and your toilet paper is made out of dollar bills (Yeeeees, that would be nice!).
I will still recommend that you try to have some sort of budget – as honestly it’s nice to know where the money is going.

But I only want a small intimate thing-a-ma-jig.

Well, there will most likely still be expenses. Unless you are going for a “Just us and the sidekicks (aka witnesses)”.

Budget? Holy Mac ‘n Cheese! Where to begin. 

How did we get it all into place? Well, we started with categories.
  • Clothing, shoes and everything related to that – for us
  • Clothing, shoes and everything related to that – for the two sidekicks we need as witnesses that we are actually insane enough to go through with this!
  • Clothing, shoes and everything related to that – for the two tiny people I will bribe with hugs, birthday and christmas gifts, candy and auntie-like-actions.
  • Venue
  • Food – in this category we put anything edible!
  • Drink – anything you would glugg down during the day and night.
  • Paper goods – invitations, place cards and what-not-made-out-of-paper.
  • Flowers – pretty things, but it was everything from the bouquet, flower arrangements to well flowers!

But honestly, you will find you way with it all – but this gives you some weird idea of how to get started.

What? Who? Hey?

Are you and your partner paying for the wedding? Parents splitting it 50/50? Are you splitting with the parents 1/3 each?

We are paying:

This is our option, we are the solemn providers of the bacon for the shabang. If our parents would like to contribute – we are OK with it, but we are the main providers hence – WE DECIDE! Your opinion, isn’t all that relevant to us! (OK, it’s a lie I care what they say – I just don’t always follow the sayings!)

Parents splitting 50/50:

Make sure you delegate who pays what! Also remember you might have to back down on a few things you don’t like that they like or think you need to have at your wedding (this also goes for the guests, more on that one later!).

I’m not saying you shouldn’t fight for what is really important to you when it comes to the wedding planning, but keep this in mind “Who’s paying?” <- it will most likely be used against you – unless you have parents that are non-control freaks and just let you do your thing!

Splitting with the parent 1/3, parent 1/3 and you 1/3:

A lot from the above applies, especially the delegation part. And also, you have still allowed you parents to have a saying. But you need to take control of the parts that are most important for you!

How much now?

Where to put the money!

Number one. Who are you inviting? You need a rough head count of people you want to invite. 

Number two. Get in touch with church, registration office (or whatever is used for civil ceremony where you live) venues, caterers, etc. To find out the price and from there you decide on what you want (AGAIN! More on that later!).

Number three. What’s important for you? Is it the dress, the food, free bar, the photographer or the flowers? Considering this will help you to decide on where to put most of your money.

Number four. How much can you save every month? How much do you have saved up already? This gives you an idea on what you have to spend!

Stick to the budget!

If your dress budget is 500$/€/or-what-ever-your-money-is, do not try on a dress that is way out of your budget. You will only end up being disappointed when you can’t buy it!

If you go above the budget you have set on one post – you will have to use less on another post, unless you can actually afford going above budget!

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7 thoughts on “Wedding planning: Let’s talk money – aka the budget!

  1. When I went shopping for my wedding dress, I had a budget (the wedding costs were split between my parents and us but the dress was all me so I definitely had a budget). Still I decided to try on a designer dress (so far over my budget it wasn’t even funny lol) so that I could say that I had. Luckily I hated it. Obviously someone was looking out for me because your suggestion is definitely safer.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There is a reason why the dress budget is HIGH, not that high – but high.

      I think you were lucky with the dress. But there is always space for going over budget on it, just how far you are willing to go is more the thing I guess.
      I also think it’s important to inform the sales rep “this is my budget – AND I AM STICKING TO IT!!!”. And don’t be pushed over.

      But a budget is always wise.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. “Just us and the sidekicks (aka witnesses)”. 😁 😁 That’s exactly what I did. My head is spinning right now reading all about this already. Wow… Not a small feat heh 😬

    Liked by 1 person

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