Wedding planning: How to set the date?

“Congrats on the engagement! When is the date?”

Probably the most asked question, when we got engaged. It took us about two weeks after the engagement until we agreed upon a date. I honestly think it’s wise to take some time to decide on a date. This is how we narrowed it down to our date.

What season do you like the most? Is there a special date you would like?

This was one of the starters for me. Do I like winter, spring, summer or fall?

“Winter”-half of the year?

In Norway a winter wedding might either be a cold or wet affair, depending on the weather. Most likely it will be cold, the wet part is up for discussion. I did not feel like freezing my toes off or having to wear snowboots. Winter was out of the question for us. (But I do believe a winter wedding can be a gorgeous event, if there is snow it might even look a bit magical.)

“Summer”-half of the year?

All depending on when you are doing it. It might be cold and rainy, but it might also be sunny and bright!

This was a better option for us as – none of us had the big “I need my winter wonderland wedding”, OK let me be honest – he isn’t all that into it in that way and I don’t want a winter wedding.

We decided on a specific weekend – in Norway it is known as Pinseaften, and it’s coming this weekend. In english it is known as Pentecost Eve or Whit Saturday. The reason why I wanted that specific weekend is that you have Monday off 😉 Somehow that was important for me, than people would have the wedding on Saturday – but still have a two-day weekend. (Yes, I also wanted that for me as well!)

And as you can see from the attached picture, when it is scheduled for the next four years (from 2016 – that was obviously to late – till 2020).  June this year could be the earliest time, but with limited resources it wasn’t possible. May next year was financially doable, but not if anything unforseen would appear – yep, like loosing your job! So 2019 it was.

The budget was for us a big deal breaker on when we could manage to go through with the wedding.

But the most important thing, find a date you want – not what everyone else wants. (Unless someone else is paying for it that is!)

So now you have the date settled, whats next? Location, location, location and church or civil ceremony? And BUDGET!


10 thoughts on “Wedding planning: How to set the date?

      1. That is important isn’t. I am beginning to realise the importance of these bank holidays here, unlike in India where we have loads of such holidays for every festival,


      2. It’s nice to not have all that time off too. Gives more money in. Right now I have more then enough time off – said the girl who have applied to so many jobs this morning, she still hasn’t gotten out of her PJ’s!

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