My planner addiction.

It all started for me after winning a planner on a blog from A Beautiful Mess. (The planner was from A Beautiful Mess, not the blogger.)

I hadn’t used a “old school” paper planner for a very long time. But when it dropped down in my mailbox I found out that I really enjoyed it! So I started out with my planner and the usual random pen. Until I was invited by a friend of mine to join a group “Planner Addicts Norway”. That was when I figured out that I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed not using my phone. Apparently it’s a thing to be a planner. It’s an actual thing.

I went from one to two, two to three, three to four planners! Yep, it’s necessary. Of course I’m not able to use all at alle times!

My planners:

Filofax Personal Compact in the colour Fluoro Pink.



Dokibook personal rose gold zip. Unfortunately I think this one is sold out or no longer in their sortiment.


I have two a5 similar to this one from Filofax.


Planner inserts:

Inserts, Oh. This should have been its own blog post as I have had struggles with them. I like the way that Erin Condren planners in vertical look for a5, but for personal I’m more on a day per page – since there is a limit of space and I would like to have the option to be able to write a lot more than what 1 week on 2 pages give you.

So the inserts I have ordered for this year are these two from two different shops on Etsy.

Week on Two Pages (WO2P) printed planner inserts – A5 inserts

Planner inserts personal 1D1P 2017 / calendar deposits 2017

I have tried to make my own, but it’s honestly to complicated and time consuming for my brain. But with time, I might learn how to do it properly.

Stickers and sticker paper.

For stickers I usually just buy prints, etc from Etsy, sticker paper I use my local paper wholesale (it’s just around the corner, so it’s easier). But good quality sticker paper can be found at Staples, Amazon, Silhouette Store, etc.

The cutting machine:




Silhouette Portrait is one of the simpler and smaller machines, for my use it’s perfect. The others are more high-tech and more expensive, but you’ll find the one for you if you wish to invest in one. 

All in all.

In the planner world there are a ton of options, you can basically make it into how you want it to be. If you have the time, the energy and will power – there is always the option of making everything yourself.

But for those of us that like things made – the internet has made it possible to pay for things like this. And I find it nice.

And it’s fun, there are groups on Facebook for us addicts to join to find free printables and other fun stuff. So if you are interested or into planning already, you are not alone!


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