The struggles of being a planner addict!

Not only can you ever have enough planners (I have four!). But you need the stickers to make planner life happy.

I bought this wonderful machine so I could save money and just buy printable files.

The only problem is when my cutting machine stops cutting!

I am stuck with a half-finished product! So Dear Mr. Silhouette could you please stop working when I’m not using you? Instead of when I am trying to use you!

And I’m also highly annoyed by forgetting to change speed and thickness when using the machine. Implying that I end up with stickers that are not still attached to the paper but in a separate pile!


PS: By end of writing this, I put a landscape one the wrong way in and ended up getting the whites of the paper cut and not the images! So the struggle of my own stupidity continues! 😀


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