Good bye solitude, Good bye unemployment!

Today has been a bit of an odd day for me! Today is the last day of unemployment. Or as it has been for the past week, the vacation paid by the government.

I’m looking forward to having a place to go each day, a place where I feel useful. Because that is truly the worst part about being unemployed (except for the decrease in the monthly income). Being on your own day in and day out, applying for jobs. Jobs where you are 1 out of 350-400 applicants. Somehow you always end up in the “Sorry, but we just divided the pile into half and yours ended up in the “We are sorry to inform…”-pile”.

It’s hard. It’s a struggle. No matter how much you try to tell yourself it’s not your fault you lost your job, you still feel as useless as the ditch you are making between the sofa cushions!

I tried to get up at the same time every morning, I tried to get a routine out of nothing. But at some point you end up postponing basic things like vacuuming, because there is always time tomorrow. I even allowed days where I felt like not being a human, to just stay in bed – but just for that day. Just to get the feeling out of my system.

But than there are the good things in life that break the habits of a solitude day, when your nephew and niece want’s to spend a day with you. And they make all things good, they don’t care that they you don’t have a job – they care if you play games, build Legos and draw with them. Embrace the breaks, as they truly are amazing!

And one thing is for sure, at some point – someone will see your qualities, the things you are good at and they will hire you to do a job! Just hang in there and keep your head up!


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