Suddenly we remember….

This post might not give meaning to everyone else but me. And of for all the reasons in the world(this time it’s a messed up good one) I will not share where it is coming from, but I will share what is on my mind.

During our lives there are people we meet, that in ways change us and we won’t remember until they might soon be gone.

Therefore I wish to thank you for all the good times, the laughs, the jokes and the smiles. That is how I will remember you. That’s how I choose to remember you.

I’m not worried about your future as it unfortunately seems to be cloudy and grey. I worry about your family. I wish I had the possibility to tell your kids, that if they ever needed to hear about your smile, your jokes and all the good times – all they have to do is ask. But I don’t belive it will be like that.

But I promise I will remember you as the last time I saw you, the one with a big smile!


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