Mental Health

A good note on mental health, please remember to take care of yourself!

The Speaking PAw 🙂

There are days when nothing feels right, everything is a blur and all we can think of is about the deepest most saddest parts of our lives. We all have those days, we all have those moments of self doubt and misery. But sometimes, its’s not just moments, but hours.  And sometimes those hours don’t seem to end. Every night you go to sleep thinking the next morning will bring peace, but life doesn’t work that way. So you wait and you wait for the pain in your heart to stop, for your soul to heal. In the meantime you get out of bed, eat cereal, commute to work, talk to smiling people at work, finish off assignments for the day, laugh with people and try to kid yourself into believing you are fine. Those days (weeks, months, years) define the sort of person you are. Are you weak, strong, funny, miserable…

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7 thoughts on “Mental Health

      1. Very very true.
        I’ve never understood why it’s such a big deal to be open about mental health when it’s completely okay to talk about physical health. It’s just plain stupid, this stigma and taboo

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      2. Now I’m not one to talk loud about my physical issues either. What I tried telling people was that seeking help does not automatically mean that someone will be put in a psych ward! (Even if it looked like that when I had to fill out a bunch of papers!)

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      3. Haha, yes that too.
        I don’t know if it’s true there but where I stay, the minute someone talks about visiting a psychiatrist it means there is no hope left for him/her ever.
        It’s just soo sad to see people wanting to get help change their minds only because some idiot made fun of them!

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