The second time was weirder than the first.

So, today I had my second appointment with my psychologist. Yep, I went out on the limb and went “BLAAAAAAAAAH!” to my doctor a few months ago. On Thursday last week I had my first appointment and it felt OK, I got a bunch of papers to fill out and that was the weird part.

Today was my second visit. Again – papers to fill out, but she asked the questions and I replied. Somehow I love the drugs and alcohol questions! I think she enjoyed them as well – at least with me, because she laughed. The papers was for sure the weird part this time.

Let me just proclaim that I do not have any issues with neither, I have never done drugs and I don’t drink that much. But according to the form I probably could end up being an alcoholic – but then again when they start with “Have you during the past 12 months drank more than 3-4 units within 3 hours?” and “Have you done this more than once?”

Ehhhhm, let me think – that just sound puuuuure crazy. I get that some people might hit the bingo on it – but most of us, aren’t hitting the bingo on it! They should seriously rephrase their questions! (That would be the Americans who wrote the form!)

But non the less, I feel OK about saying that I’m going to therapy and it’s because of anxiety mainly and the fact that I worry about a lot of things (aaaand a bunch of other stuff we might get to later). That’s what happened on the day I realised I was have a major big fat panic attack and it turns out I have had more than that one – just not in that scale.

I always have an excuse!

So don’t invite me anywhere – I will have to wash my cat or walk my hamster that day. Unfortunately no matter how fun that sounds – I prohibits me from having a normal social life. And I want to have a normal social life. This basically comes from me feeling awkward and saying awkward stuff!

I know I like to keep a tight lid on everything and bottle up and I also like to spend time to myself – so much that it’s easier to do than to socialise!

I hope that the therapy will help me to get to where I want to be and help me reach some goals. Like becoming the first minister of “I have to wash my cat”-association.

PS: I don’t own a cat, I have no pets – if I had it would be dog!

That was it another Struggles ramble on a Monday from me, thanks for reading – this probably did not make any sense to you. But that’s not the point now is it?



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