Today was crap!

Yesterday was an OK day, today has been crap. In the past year I have survived one down sizing, a bunch of other not fun stuff and my first visit to a psychologist (that was yesterday). I have survived it and stayed strong – I have been riding the storm.

Today was crap.Today was the verdict of what I had believed to happen – I was a “victim” of down sizing again. The message was given i March. A meeting was held Tuesday and today I was told I am being let go. I have a job until the end of September. I kind of had a feeling this was coming and I was prepared after all I did survive the last one. But it still sucks a bit. A bit of a lot.

The part that might suck more, is when you think you are doing OK about it – people start to go bonkers because they get to stay. They are almost having a celebration. To me it feels a bit of disrespectful. By all means I get that they are happy, I would be too. But there is absolutely no reason to take it overboard and on the edge of almost rubbing it in. Some of us have actually lost our jobs. (No worries, I never really liked the person who did this and I unfriended without a doubt. I can’t say that we were really friends!)

So in case you ever end up in that position, think of me – think of the crappy feeling I have today and remember to not take it overboard – just celebrate it a bit more privately.

I’m not scared of unemployment and I’m not scared of the future. I’m just worried that with today’s market it might take some time before I have a job again.

Other than that, I’m doing OK today. I think. I hope. Tomorrow will be better – I have decided it will be. 

Wishing you all a great weekend,

Maggie 🙂


3 thoughts on “Today was crap!

  1. So sorry to hear that, Maggie. I hope things look up soon. I would go bonkers if that happened. I am not prepared for that yet. But I understand what you said. They could have toned it down. That wasn’t nice.

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