Let’s push the button!

That’s what I have been doing today – I have written tons and tons! And pushed the “Save Draft”-button. I probably should have pushed “Publish” – but I didn’t feel OK about it, so I ended up with the half way option.

The distance between the buttons are so long, seriously it’s like digging to China. Not really, but getting to the point that it’s OK to push publish is kind of hard. I’m sure the things I have written might get published, as I actually feel they are a good thing to share.

So I guess that you can’t say that one button is better than the other, they are equal. <– Repeat after me: What the *insert your preferred swear word here* Maggie are you talking about.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I feel ready to do this and with time, there will be more useful or unuseful posts about me, life and all the popcorn you could dream of! (Hah, there is actually a shop in my neighbourhood that only sells popcorn!!!!! And I don’t live in a city I live so far outside that the bus does not have a bus stop here anymore!)

And after you have read this entire post – I congratulate you, you deserve a diploma – and you have probably realised why everything went in to “Draft” today.


7 thoughts on “Let’s push the button!

  1. Do it. Just press publish. I used to be breathless every time I did it. My husband would laugh at me. But it’s true what they say, practice makes perfect and now I can press that ol’ publish button like a boss 😉

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  2. Not so! My desktop is littered with finished/unfinished postings awaiting more work or a little courage to also upload and hit the publish button. Do not fear the consequence of publishing and do not concern yourself with what other may think… it is YOU that must be content with what you have written and no one else.

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    1. This time it was mainly me, so I just have to get to a point where I don’t find the posts to personal. And I’m happy to hear that it’s not only me that has a pile of “almost there”-posts.


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