Bye bye Maggie.

That’s not entirely true, even if it feels a bit like it at the moment. A lot of things are going on – we will get back to that later.

But today the era of “self hosting” is over, as I clicked “I do not wish to renew”-button with service I used.

I did not like hosting my self, as it got to complicated to deal with and it’s for sure not that cooperative with WP. Not sure who to blame for that, but someone is probably to be blamed and should stand in the corner for a few years until that option is fixed!

Another aspect of it was that it does actually cost money – and the financial times (not for everyone else in the world, apparently) in Norway aren’t that great at the moment. I figured I hadn’t reached my “goal” – not that I will ever tell you what that was – so I figured it would be easier to stick to just plain WP, not that I blog any more then I used too. Even if I feel it will change in the future. I just have to find my way again.

I have take backup of the content of my website, so I will still have it. But the e-mail has changed, so if you need to reach me – just let me know! I have also started a Facebook page that I will try to update regularly along with the blogposts!

But the question is, will I return to self hosting again? Maybe – when I figure out how to do it properly and how to make life easier with it!!!

So enough with the ramble and hurry to the future, it just might get interesting!Β 



5 thoughts on “Bye bye Maggie.

  1. Sadly, I am not on Facebook 😦 and I agree with you on the self-hosting. I went with the free option because I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with my blogs. And now, I am just plain lazy to do anything else. There are problems with domains. Pingbacks arent working and I cant comment in dailyPost but still I wouldn’t want to change.

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    1. Pingbacks worked for me, but that’s where it stopped! There are to many other issues for me to be bothered at the moment. I created a Facebook user for the blog, it’s separate from my Privat one. That might be an option. But I also understand if someone doesn’t want to be on there πŸ™‚

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