Ballonsandpopcorn and IKEA.

So after living in the new house for a bit over a month, I still have no clue where anything is or where anything is going. We also had a need for some new stuff. And everyone knows new stuff will imply me being tricked into a trip to IKEA. 

I hate IKEA, just to be clear – not for their furniture or stuff, but for the reason that everyone says it’s so cheap and so handy-dandy.

Let me make it perfectly clear – NONE of the stuff I ever want from IKEA is in their cheap range, if it is in their cheaper ranger I end up buying x40 and not having the need for 40, there are a bunch of people pushing you around “unintentionally”(<- yeah right!) AND to top it of, people who just don’t seem to know what they want or where they are going!

And come to think of it they don’t sell either balloons or popcorn!

Might be the reason why my hives haven’t given up on me yet!

Worst thing is that I am going back tomorrow and I’m not sure how I feel about it! I’m not even sure what I need to buy there anymore.



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