The day of realizations!

It’s not even over, but it started yesterday. I have realized many things over the past 24 hours.

I’m not sure if I am ready to share, but I believe I will. After all I have been sitting on a bus in a different country crying today. It felt weird, OK, scary and believe it or not funny at the same time. 

But there will probably be more about that later.

So whilst we wait for that, here are some traveling pictures!
Me striding down the stairs elegantly at the castle of Copenhagen, and wondering if all guests need to wear these covers when the visit the royal family in Denmark. 

Jesus and his crew made out of stone.

Discovering I don’t read or speak Italian after buying an Italian magazine!  
Getting interior tips at a castle!  
Falling in love with a royal horse! We played hide and seek (not really, it was more the fact that the horse was eating so everytime I tried to take a picture. He would bob his head down!) 
A hallway with a stoned guys head at the end! 
Fancy dinner party! 
That’s all for now.

I am partially O.K. But I will try to get me fixed and back into it.


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