They say it’s personal.

Have you ever noticed that women have a thing with hair? Some have big, flat, curly, long or short!

And they say it’s personal.Β 

I agree it is, but for me it’s mainly just hair. I don’t mind cutting it of. 2 years ago, I had loooong hair, not much unlike what I do in this picture.


But I realised, that my long hair looked sad and did nothing for me. The same happened today. I had saved for 2 years to get it to be this long! I thought I would be cool to have it long, so I could braid and curl and what ever people with long hair does.

That did not work for me – as my hair got longer, it was just more flat and annoying. It looked again sad. I have realised that long hair is not for me, or at least not the normal long hair we are used to.

So today I had an appointment with my hairdresser (she is amazing!) and I told her, she could do what ever she wanted – but I do not want it to be long anymore. I want to go back to 2 years ago, but longer!

We agreed on one thing – the layer of hair from the midst and from after my temples HAD TO GO! No way am I ever going back – this is the thing weighs my hair doooooooown. So she went bonkers with the machine – something I do not mind. I seriously don’t! Last time we did this, there was a lady with the same hair issues as me who wanted it fixed. But her only thing was – she did not want it short. So when my hair dresser went zooooom with the machine, the lady almost cried and went “YOU ARE CRAZY!”.

You wouldn’t think that the shorter hair I ended up with would be easier to curl, braid or style in any way – but it is, and you can’t see that half of my hair is gone (the under layer! The length is pretty obvious!)


See I have tons and tons of haaaair!


The “slings” are basically my sideburns – so that when I have my hair down it won’t look weird.


Here is my quick attempt to curl – practice makes perfect right?


I looooove the no hair, feeling – I’m ready for summer with this – I like this change a lot. (Please don’t min my huuuuge pimple on my forehead!)

So my conclusion is – that they say it’s personal, but for me it’s just hair. Take a leap, it’s only hair. It will most likely grow out again.


32 thoughts on “They say it’s personal.

  1. My hair tends to hang flat & limp, so I could do with a cut, too. Right now, though, I’m letting it get a little longer so that I can donate it to Hawk’s Locks For Kids. The daughter of a childhood friend received a wig from that program when he underwent chemo.
    I love how short your under layer is. That looks so refreshing!
    (I’m visiting from the Commenting Bootcamp).

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    1. I wish I had checked if there was any programs like that here (I haven’t hear of any), so that I could have donated what was taken away. It’s a great thing to do!

      The under layer is brilliant, and the fact that it’s not that visible when my top layer is down I find great. I rarely tie my hear up when it’s short, only if I’m going to the gym or something similar to that.
      It’s easier and looks better I think. So I know all about flat and limp πŸ˜‰

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  2. Love it! I don’t think I am brave enough to do quite what you did with the very short hair underneath, but I did a similar thing five years ago. There was a big earthquake in Christchurch and a group of top hairdressers in Auckland got together to raise money: “hope through hair”. You showed up to this high school hall with freshly washed hair and a top stylist would cut it for you and you would pay what you thought it was worth. I hadn’t realised the calibre of the stylists, and we paid before the cut, not at the end. So there would have been about 50 high school desks and chairs set up, each with a mirror in this hall. I told my stylist that I wanted shorter hair, “wash and wear” that suited me and that he should go for it. While he was cutting my hair, I leaned that he has a top salon in a very nice part of town and regularly does hair at a top US Fashion week. I paid $20 for a haircut that just made me look amazing and a very easy style.

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    1. Getting the right cut for you is important, and I also believe to take the “jump” I took you have to be ready. I have been ready twice πŸ˜‰
      I like that they did an event like that, but I don’t think anyone would ever do sown thing like that here. If I would tell you my hairdressing bill you would probably fall over in a coma 😝
      But I go to the same place even if the price is high because it feels right and I always feel great when leaving!


  3. I have very think hair! It grows fast as well. For years I would grow it out then cut it short. But we moved often, so finding a stylist who believed me when I’d come in and say, “Take off 15 inches” was hard!

    We’ve lived in the same place for 12 years now and I love my stylist! I sit down, and she does whatever she feels like doing. Trim? Short? Layers? It’s just hair! It will grow back.

    PS. I’ve loved every cut she’s given me!

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    1. The chemistry with the stylist is Alfa omega when doing something like this. I have used the same place for the past two years. And before that I did the same as you, I moved around a lot or I lived far away from this place. (Thank you army)I would have it long, cut half and repeat in 6 months time – but never shorter than “I need to be able to have it in a tiny ponytail”.

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      1. For me it was army regulations “hair is not to touch collar”. And my hairdresser did tell me “ponytail is just an underlying wish for shorter hair” and in my case I do agree.

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  4. I kinda like cuts like this. It looks great in the front when you let it down and it shows a wild side in the back when you put it up. When your hair starts growing out, will you keep it just like this for a while?

    To be honest, I never really know what I want whenever I go to a beautician. I just let them decide what they can do for me. But yeah, I prefer my hair shorter. Not to short, but quite shoulder-length, either.

    (Don’t let the avatar fool you.) I think the best haircut I got was a bob. My hair was shaved in the back, too, but not as much as yours. I really liked the haircut and would have kept it up, but alas…the lady I went to at first moved on to her own business, I believe. There are many good ones out there, but I think she might have been the best hair dresser I’ve been to. I’m still looking for a regular hairdresser.


    1. I will let the top grow a bit as I think I might try it a bit longer, but the “bottom” I will keep short. Having it sort helps it look better and no weird things going on. You should come try mine πŸ˜‰ She is great. But I get the finding the right one πŸ˜‰


  5. That is a very cool cut Maggie πŸ™‚ I guess we out here would have to be bald all the summer to take of the heat.
    But yeah, its just hair and it will grow back πŸ˜‰


  6. Change is great > Changing your hair is a huge message that you’re moving. Looks great btw. I couldn’t post on your ‘about’. Can a person be so introverted that they become extroverted? LOL. Your blog was recommended on OM btw. Glad to be checking it out πŸ˜‰


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