I’m sorry I thought it was…

We all know someone who knows someone who knows someone – who never get’s it right. But it’s time to cut the crap and admit it!

We don’t know someone who knows someone who knows someone – we are all talking about ourselves!

I am seriously one of these people and this is a fact. When I was 19 I learned that the song I thought went like this “Yes I’m a pill popper yes I’am huh yes I’am huh”! – turns out to be, “Cause I’m a hiphopper yes I am”.

This turns out to be a recurring problem for me and several others! Just admit it, you are one of them right? (If not, just say yes to please me!)

And the song Russian Roulette – I promise I hear “SÃ¥vidt just begun”, when every search says this “This night has only just begun”. I promise, either I’m insane or they actually have messed up somewhere between the sound and the lyrics!

I often think I hear what I want to hear as well… Turns out no one said any naughty, funny OR weird words. It was just me – again…

Do I need to get my ears checked? Or is this a common problem?


19 thoughts on “I’m sorry I thought it was…

  1. he he he! I am one of them too 😉 Songs and the way people pronounce the words does make it all confusing most of the times. I think you have some more years left before you have to check that ears. Let them be in peace until then 😀

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    1. There is one song that has been on the radio that is bugging me more than ever, “It’s not to late. It’s not to late.” – I hear it’s not to ladies, it’s not to ladies. Something is wrong with me!

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      1. aaah! OKie. Well, it might just be the accent that has got you confused then 😉 You can write your own lyrics from what you understand and if it all fits well, voila, you have your own song Maggie!


      2. I am sure you are being very modest 😉 If you feel uncomfortable singing your own songs, lets get Ariana Grande to sing it for ya. How does that sound ?

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      3. Well… it was hilarious for sure 🙂 May be because I already knew that song. We should try it with a song I havent heard before. That will be the true test 😉

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  2. luckily my family knows I’m that person, so I’m free to sing whatever lyric I want loud and proud. Honestly, I can’t surprise them, although they have been known to surprise me with the correct lyric…In the song Sexual Healing, I honestly thought Marvin Gaye said, “I can’t wait for you to ovulate” which granted was a little weird but it was the 80’s for goodness sakes; “De do do do, de da da da, is all I have to say to you” 😉

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  3. Lol!!! You are not the only one, love!! For years I thought the song Smooth Operator said Smooth Barbarita LOL I was learning how to speak English and I did not know the names to any of the songs I heard so I just said what I thought I heard haha! Even now, I hear funny things, like in the Daft Punk song “Get Lucky”, I always hear, “We rob a Mexican, Lucky” when they actually say, “We’re up all night to get lucky”. LMBO!!


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