Can we relax now?

I’m currently trying to find ways to relax and work out, without having to leave the house. I’m trailing YouTube and googling all over the place. 

If there is anything you could think of that would be a good idea. Like Pilates “classes” on YouTube or a how-to on mediation I would be happy if you would let me know. I need all the inspiration I need.


21 thoughts on “Can we relax now?

      1. 😆 It starts like that…I would suggest body pump but you need equipments for that. Lots and lots of weights (I would love to do that)


    1. Interesting! Just yesterday I was thinking about looking for some dance workouts on the net: going somewhere to do it in person at this point would be ‘good entertainment for everyone else’ as MaggieMayQ put it! 🙂 Will check out these links, thanks!

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      1. Trust me – if you ever see me dancing in public I’m either a.drunk or b. fully aware of how idiotic I look and therefore doing it on purpose. Car dancing whilst driving is a totally different subject. We might have to get back to that later 😉


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